Meet our staff


Jane Kelly - Owner and Deputy Manager.  BA Hons PGCE Early Years. 

Megan Hatton-  Manager (level 3, Designated Lead safeguard & PFA trained).

Debbie Norman- (level 3 & PFA trained).

Leah Kerslake - Pre-school Room Leader (level 3, Designated lead Safeguard & PFA trained).

Darcie Kerslake - 2-3 Room Leader  (level 3 & PFA trained) Mainly in baby unit.

Sian Hanley - Joint Room Leader in baby unit (Level 3 & PFA trained).

Elizabeth Sandalls- Nursery practitioner (level 3 & PFA trained).Works in baby unit.

Esmae Robinson - Nursery Practitioner (level 3) 

Lisa Hingston - Nursery Practitioner (Level 2,PFA trained ).

Jasmine Hart - Nursery Assistant in pre-school room and holiday club. (PFA trained)

Evian Albert - Nursery Practitioner (Level 3) Bank staff.

Michelle Kerslake - Nursery Chef.

Chloe Hatton - Working towards lever 2 - Bank staff.

Kirstie Green - Nursery Assistant